Powder synthesis and bulk ceramic processing

Laboratory drier (maximum temperature 300 °C)
(SP-25 Easy, Kambič; LSP-40C, Kambič)

Vacuum drier
(Vacutherm, Heraeus Instruments)

Isostatic press (up to 80 °C and 400 Mpa)
(Flow Autoclave systems)

Automatic mortar
(AS 200 digit, Retsch)

Attritor mill

Uniaxial press
(PW 40, P/O/WEBER GmbH)

Colloid ball mill
(Netzsch MiniCer)

Planetary mill
(Pulverisette 4, Fritsch)

Chamber furnace

Hot press

Chamber furnace for sintering in different atmospheres

Planetary mill
(PM 200, Retsch)

Helium pycnometer
(AccuPyc II 1340, Micromeritics)

Optical noncontact dilatometer (up to 1500 °C)
(Leitz Wetzlar)

Ball crusher
(MillMix20, Tehtnica Domel d.o.o., MM400, Retsch)

High-temperature furnace for heating up to 1500 °C in different atmospheres
(PLF 160/7, Protherm)

Laser granulometer
(S3500, Microtrac)

Tube furnace for high-temprature heating up to 1500 °C in different atmospheres